Industrial floors

Synthetic industrial flooring systems differ according to the type, purpose, composition and appearance. The standard system includes:

Other then above systems, there are also some frequently used special systems such as:


manako EPP

They are made on the basis of epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic and polyaspartic resin. The most commonly is applied with special trowel and equals with quality rollers, they use as a surface protection of concrete or other surfaces. It is made at a thickness of approx. 500μm in two or more layers. The choice of base materials for the coating depends on the purpose of the surface to be coated, and as other, depends on the required properties such as: wear resistance, chemical durability, cost-effectiveness, speed of installation or appearance.

Self leveling floors

manako SNS EP manako SNS PU

Industrial and decorative flooring option based on epoxy or polyurethane resins. Apply on a specially prepared surface with a trowel or a special comb in thickness of 2 to 5 mm depending on the level ground, use of space or the required properties. This flooring is ideal for most purposes, and the final appearance is usually high gloss and smooth structure. This type of system is high quality with good mechanical and chemical resistance, durable, and easy to maintain over the years. The base of resin for this type of floor depends on the type and use of space: industrial and manufacturing wet or dry facilities, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, auto and airline industries, laboratories, shops, workshops, sports facilities and more. With this system, the floor can have many combinations of looks. Floor is conform to use for the food industry.

Quartz - Epoxy

manako PPQ manako PCQ

Industrial flooring varieties intended mainly areas with a need for high mechanical and chemical resistance for a number of years. It’s also used where is high compressive loads because he have resistance of 80 N/mm2. Can be performed in a version with natural quartz in one color by RAL or combined color Quartz in one or more colors. It’s performed in a thickness of 3 to 5 mm depending on the compressive stress in the area. Most usually is used in the chemical, manufacturing, food (Flooring for the industrial refrigerators, flooring for the food industry), pharmaceutical, auto and airline industry, and can be used in other facilities (such chemically resistant flooring, temperature-resistant flooring, etc.). Given the predominantly performed in non-slip version R9 to R11, he is suitable for public areas, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, shops, various hallway etc. Floor is conform to use for the food industry.

Anti-slip systems

manako EPK

The solution for all rooms exclusively industrial purposes where is necessary to achieve high quality solution with a low cost of manufacture. This type of system is used in objects such as: parking areas (indoor and outdoor), food processing, manufacturing, workshops, warehouses, fish markets... Can be made of epoxy and polyurethane base and is depending on the area. Since that polyurethane is elastic, it’s used mainly in cold areas and where occurs a difference in temperature as well and on the asphalt. It is made in the slip resistance of R9 to R13 depending on the area where it’s installed and can be prescribed by DIN standard for certain areas depending on the application. This floor system is made in one color, and can be applied to vertical surfaces and on stairs. The color is also determined according by RAL, and performed in thickness from 1.5 to 4 mm, depending of the degree of slip resistance and type of substrate and the use of space (2 to 4 layers). Floor is conform to use for the food industry.

Concrete-look systems

manako CEM

Floor system based on cement basis and is used mainly for decorative purposes as imitation of concrete floors. It’s used in residential and commercial areas as well as special architectural solution. Often there is a need for a minimalist décor as modern interiors solution. Depending on the design concept, it can be exported as a standard gray or white and the other colors (brown, anthracite, red, ocher...). It can also be exported as terrazzo, polished or black concrete. Polishing and using special polishing achieved gives non-absorbent and floor protection. There is a variant of the external system for parking areas or slopes greater. Use of various aggregates and special treatment of the grains, forming a certain degree of slip resistance and decor.
Types of application:

  • Metacryl concrete look - Synthetic base of Silikal. Fast application, several colors and multilayered
  • Microtopping - The cement base of Mapei ultratop loft
  • Polished concrete - white, gray or colored concrete, diamond-polished to high gloss
  • Terrazzo - exposed aggregate (stone, glass ...)

Polyurethan cement

manako PURCEM

These systems are used in factories and areas with large temperature differences ranging from -40 °C to +120 °C. It consists of a special polyurethane resin binder, adding fillers ( quartz , cement, filler , etc.) and additives. It is carried out in the thickness from 4 to 12 mm and finally processed with the coating layer based on polyurethane and protected. It is executed as smooth or slip resistance floor with class R10 to R12. This system performs mainly in the food industry drives, freezer (refrigerators, cold storage) and warm/cold areas due to the extremely high degree of flexibility and stretching that occurs during rapid changes in temperature. Important characteristic of this system is his extreme resistans to wear and as such is highly recommended in industrial cold storage refrigerators. Is characterized by high chemical resistance. Depending on the thickness can sustain heavy loads, which finds application in heavy industry.


manako PA

Special base resin for making floors with very short setting time. It is used in cases where it is necessary to install the floor system in a short time interval, and the same can be installed in period of 12 hours. It is used in industrial and decorative areas and are possible and various decorations such as metallic effect, liquid metal etc. It is characterized by good mechanical, chemical and abrasion resistance. Performed in predominantly thin layers with a total thickness of approx. 2 mm, so the surface should be ideally flat and smooth so he would not have the optical distortions.


manako MT manako PL

Decorative flooring systems developed by our company "Manako development" with metallic and pearl effect. It is an epoxy systems in the color selection with varying degrees of metallic effects (higher or lower, coarser or finer grain) and the white-cream systems that change color depending on the viewing angle. By choosing supplements can get green, blue, purple and other colors spill. It is the look of the car paint only on the basis of epoxy resin and a greater thickness and stronger resistance to wear. These systems are the sequence of development of various models of floor from the initial extreme lines with which the company began to design their own systems and decor floors.


manako MMA

Metacryl flooring systems are used mainly in the food and pharmaceutical industry (meat industry, beverages, milk, medicines...), it is suitable for the automotive industry (work, services, sales salons), and as a commercial (shops, halls, offices...) special because of its short time required for installation so the system can be performed within 8 hours, and used immediately. He is certified AgBB, HACCP, ISEGA. There may be a combination of different colors and conditioned by the color of quartz sand or chips. Under the MMA-based resin is highly hydrophobic and very easy to maintain and clean.


manako TEP

Epoxy based decorative system with natur or color sand. A combination of epoxy resin and natural or color quartz sand. The same can be in different sizes, but the most commonly used grains are 4 mm. This forms a very sturdy decorative floor under attractive appearance. Although he have function of decor in objects predominantly commercial purposes, can be used in residential buildings in the driveway, pedestrian entrances, bathrooms, stairwells. It is mostly used in car showrooms, stores, in crafts, pharmacies... It can be slip resistant and relatively smooth, can be closed with epoxy or MMA resin for simpler and easier maintain. The numbers od color combinations are almost limitless and design is based on a rustic finish (natural sand) or color, when it is made with colored sand. Our specialty is making the stone carpet with marble grains of Italian origin. Creating can be in more granularity, but we prefer to 4 mm grain. Whether it is marble white, black, green, maroon … will certainly give a completely natural experience for a very pleasant step. System like this is cheaper than conventional lining stone and provide very expensive and luxurious look at the same time.